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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

When it comes to webdesign, tools have a special place and importance. WordPress is one of these great tools, the most important and effective at all, and anyone can use it without any difficulty or the need for specific skills.

WordPress is an open source program and completely free, that anyone can use to create a website or blog, or even create an application for Smartphone, configure it on your web hosting, and then it will give you a Dashboard interface, where you can control every element within your site. WordPress is the simplest and most common way to create a website or blog.

WordPress offers you the Content Management System (CMS), which gives the user and the developer a control panel that allows him to edit and add content to the site or code without having to learn any of the programming languages.

* Reasons why WordPress makes the best choice to create your site or blog.
Open source system.
Update constantly.
Flexibility in use.
Ease of use.
Relevance for SEO.